There is a lot of debate in the media at the moment about the amount of bandwidth required to stream the new digital entertainment services such as Netflix, Stan and Presto.
One thing for sure is that high speed broadband of 15mbps – 25 mbps appears to be the only certain way to stream 4K movies and TV shows (ultra high definition) and to comfortably watch the lower definition videos.
In addition there needs to be extra capacity to allow other people to connect to the internet while you watch streaming TV.
If you want to enjoy the amazing streaming on offer then all you need to do is upgrade to Red Train!
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The first phase of the Red Train rollout will be commencing in a couple of weeks with technicians inspecting the installation details of homes that have already registered to plan to the rollout.
If you want to be among the first signed up for Red Train then you need to get your registration form in ASAP.
Go to to complete you application form or to join.

Red Train RSP Clearnetworks is offering an easy way for you to connect to the high speed broadband.
Their connection fee is just $299 with the balance of the connection paid over 24 months. Plus a FREE ROUTER!

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Call Grant on 9853 3032 if you need more information.

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