RedTrain provides Data Services, Voice Services, Infrastructure Solutions, IT Hosting Services and Fibre to the Premises.

The RedTrain delivery method is based on meeting your needs through a coordinated and well-planned rollout that gives you certainty of connection and reliable outcomes. Our provision of service is simplified by coordinating with the builders/developers at the design stage thus eliminating delays caused by reviews and amendments to the design process.

RedTrain works with the builder/developer to achieve timelines and budget targets. We are an open access wholesale operator providing cost benefits to the property development industry.

Australia’s only Gigabit ready fibre connections.

Putting Australia in the fast lane is our mission and future proofing Australia’s high speed broadband network is our goal.Learn More
We also offer direct, low cost FTTP 1 Gig connections available for SME and Corporate users as well as installing 1 Gig capable connections for greenfields, apartment and medium density developments.Learn More
RedTrain also offers free fibre connections through a rebate connection plan that is a major cost saving boost for developers and businesses.Learn More

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