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Redtrain Networks provide guaranteed fibre connectivity on all of our projects.
With the in-house capability to fully design and construct all aspects of telecommunications in new developments, enabling significant cost savings for property developers in addition to a streamlined deployment process.
Redtrain Networks specialise in providing best in class telecommunications infrastructure to build smarter, safer communities. We easily integrate additional services into our fibre, such as Fibre TV for Free-to-Air & Foxtel, Smart Poles for community Wifi and the latest in smart solutions or IoT functions.

Why Redtrain

Redtrain offers considerable experience with end-to-end solutions via Voice Carriage, Internet, IPTV and VPN.

Redtrain Networks are an open-access, wholesale fibre provider. Our focus is on building a strong backbone to service your community, whilst our expanding list of Retail Service Providers compete to win business from your future occupants.

You’ll get:
• A vastly superior, future proofed product;
• A streamlined design and implementation service;
• A partner that’s as focused as you are on community connectivity;
• A choice of turnkey solution or developer partner installation;
• An open access wholesale solution that lets residents choose their
• Unique bespoke solutions to meet the needs of your community, to
see your vision come to life; and
• A seamless service

You won’t get:
• A product that’s verging on redundancy;
• The costs of dealing with after-market suppliers;
• Bandwidth issues;
• The need for expensive telecommunications upgrades;
• The stress of dealing with multiple suppliers;
• Demarcation issues;
• The feeling that you are just ‘a number’ to the organisation;

Redtrain provide dedicated Account Management through the full
development cycle. Before, during, and after.

Network Capability

Providing 10 Gigabit capable connections, on demand.

The Redtrain network is utilised for far more than just home internet and telephony services. Our network acts as the backbone to enable the framework of smart, connected communities. Fibre powers the Internet of Things (IoT) and will act as the conduit between all your smart items; CCTV, real-time analytics for the development, license plate recognition, Wifi,

The choice made today will dictate the technological capability of your development in the future, if you are considering options measured in single gigabit or less speeds then you will have fallen behind before your project completes.

  •   Voice
  •   Internet
  •   IoT
  •   Smart City Application

Internet in the fast lane

Turn-Key Solution

Cost Savings

Want To Join Our Network?

If you would like to discuss your project with Redtrain, please fill out the below form and a member of our new developments team will contact you.

The Process

Once Redtrain have been engaged in your project we will begin working alongside your services consultants, builders and any other stakeholder to ensure that all parties are aware of scope of works and required timings. Your dedicated Account Manager & Project Manager will work alongside these stakeholders to ensure that all works completed by Redtrain are done ahead of schedule and that we are available when required.

  •   Builders have to comply with CNTCORP builder general checklist and complete all mandatory fields in the fibre installation form.
  •   Ensure all builders performing work on the premises complete in the TCA-1 form required by ACMA.
  •   Once the fibre installation is completed, customers can contact a certified RedTrain Retail Service Provider from below

Service Providers

Redtrain Guarantee

Redtrain offers considerable experience with end-to-end solutions via Voice Carriage, Internet, IPTV and VPN.

Redtrain are committed to providing peace of mind to property developers and their future communities, providing guaranteed connectivity dates for backhaul or premises connectivity. If Redtrain are also engaged to build the pit and pipe network we may also guarantee compliance when it comes to inspecting our workmanship.