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First-gigabit ready internet service launched in Melbourne: Australia joins global superhighway

Australia’s first-gigabit ready internet retail service for the consumer has switched on today in Melbourne up to 20 years ahead of its predicted 2030 delivery date. Only a handful of locations around the world offer a 1gbps service placing Melbourne at the forefront of world internet connections speeds along with cities such as Seoul, Korea and Chattanooga in the USA.

RedTrain has also created a new network for the corporate market that slashes the cost of the 1 Gbps symmetrical service in some instances up to 75%.

RedTrain spokesman Mr Grant Müller said the 1-gigabit infrastructure is immediately available in the Melbourne CBD, St Kilda Rd, South Melbourne and in a 1km radius around its hubs in Warragul, Pakenham and Cheltenham.

Currently, 1 Gbps services are only offered to major corporations on dedicated lines. RedTrain offers a heavily discounted direct-to-corporate service of 1 Gbps connections as well as the ability to offer these speeds to households through retail service providers on its network.

“The initial 1 gig service is targeted at the corporate and SME market (100 staff plus) but the service is becoming generally available to resellers as it is rolled out throughout Australian,” Mr Müller said.

The Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) compliant ultra high-speed broadband fibre optic cable is up to 10 times faster than the NBN network service currently being rolled out nationally and more than 75 times faster than the average 13.46 Mbps speeds in Australia.
(source: Aug 2013).

RedTrain will be offering symmetrical speeds on its service of 25/25 Mbps, 50/50 Mbps, 75/75 Mbps,100/100, 500/500 Mbps and 1000/1000 Mbps. While the maximum NBN speed is 100 Mbps the download it is only 40 Mbps upload (100/40) making it far slower to upload data than to access it.

The Red Train service operating at its peak potential speed would download 1 gigabyte of data in around 8 seconds compared to 1:20 at 100 Mbps or 20 minutes at 10 Mbps (credit:

According to the Net Index by (Aug 2013) Australia now ranks 50th in the global Households Download Index with an average speed of 13.64Mbps and 95th with a 2.42Mbps upload speed.

Mr Müller said the major cities in the world that offer 1 Gigabit internet speeds had built their economy around the services.

He said the RedTrain business model is built around a revenue-sharing structure that would provide a cost neutral or revenue positive approach for clients.

“We believe this will accelerate the rollout across Australia as we compete with other infrastructure providers that charge significant installation fees,” he said.

Mr Müller said the fibre to the premises model relied on the main trunk being laid to a key infrastructure point and then offering connections to businesses to take up the opportunity, or pre-commit, ahead of the rollout.

This model is perfectly suited for corporate business parks, major industrial businesses and multinational corporations.

He said the 1 Gbps connection allows replication of the company’s major data in two places – the data centre and their head office. Should a natural disaster occur there is a backup in both the head office and the data centre.

RedTrain provides 1 Gbps ready broadband connections to corporations and turnkey solutions for wholesale only FTTH network in Greenfield subdivisions/MDU.

The RedTrain definition of gigabit ready is that if a house or business was to place an order for a live connection to an existing RedTrain network then they would be able to connect up to a 1 Gbps.

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Grant Müller
T: 1300 787 178

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