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What does the $699 charge include?

A: The $699 installation fee include:

  • Civil work to connect to your lead in conduit
  • Haul fibre into your junction box.
  • Install junction box
  • Install wall plate
  • Provide Optical Network Unit (ONU) and patch cord.
  • Please note: Customer is to provide power point where the ONU is placed if required.
  • Can I choose where the installation will occur in my house?

    A: In order to keep prices as low as possible a wall plate providing your access to the broadband network will occur at the closest point to the street. This is typically where the Telstra conduit enters your house. To locate the entry point look for a white conduit pipe coming out to the ground. If you want to relocate or add additional points you will need to contract an electrician.

    Will it damage my garden?

    A: Redtrain Network will need to install a secondary lead-in conduit from the access pit to where the Telstra's junction box is terminated. The Redtrain installer will discuss the process with the home owner before any work is undertaken and agreed upon. Since every house is different, there is no single systematic method that can be used to replicate each role out to every houses. The junction box is the white piece of conduit where it is normally situated on the side of the house.

    How long will it take for the service to be installed from the moment we place the order?

    A: Once you have submitted the application form and paid for the installation fee, it can take up to 4 months for the service to be connected.

    How and when do I pay to have the service installed?

    A: The installation fee is $699 (GST Inc) will be charged the fee four months ahead of the rollout commences in your area. You can pay via direct debit or credit card.

    To whom do we pay the installation fee?

    A: You can pay the installation fee directly to Redtrain Networks or the Retail Service Provider if you have selected one. Please ensure that you have ticked the appropriate check boxes in your customer portal.

    How do I connect to the internet?

    A: After the installation is done, you need to contact one of the Redtrain Retail Service Provider (RSP) to get the internet and/or phone connected. The list or RSP can be viewed on website.


    Can I use my current modem?

    A: No. You will be supplied with a new wireless router by the Retail Service Provider. Your existing ADSL modem will not operate with the broadband network.

    Can I use my Foxtel or PayTv service via Redtrain?

    A: Unfortunately Redtrain is not able to offer pay TV via its service at this time. If you wish to continue with your pay TV service you will need to utilise a satellite dish on your roof.

    Can I use my current telephone?

    A: No. You will require a VoiP telephone to access a phone line as your copper wire will be replace by an internet fibre. A VoiP phone can be purchased at any electrical or telephone store.

    How do I make calls when my service is disconnected?

    A: Generally you will need to make your calls using your mobile phone. Alternatively you can to speak with your RSP regarding options (if available).

    Can I divert my landline to my mobile while the phone is disconnected?

    A: Yes. Please check the diversion code with your service provider before Redtrain Network commences the cutover of your service.

    How many connection points will I get in my home?

    A: Redtrain Network will provide 1 connection point to for each customer. This will be the internet port. Please speak with your RSP should you have further questions. Additional points can be installed by a qualified provider such as an electrician.

    What other services can be offered other than telephone and internet connection?

    A: There will be other application in the making regarding

  • Security
  • Health monitoring services. This product will require a working collaboration with hospitals.
  • Video On Demand

    Will my internet service be down during the installation?

    A: Your internet service can be down up to 4 hours. If you intend to keep (port) your existing landline number, it is imperative to organise your RSP you have chosen from the Redtrain Network's website.

    Will my fax machine work?

    A: Please speak with the RSP regarding services.

    I am running a home business. Will my Eftpos merchant facility work?

    A: Generally No. However it is best to speak with the RSP or your bank regarding your options.

    Will my alarm system still works?

    A: Please speak with the RSP and your alarm system supplier.


    Will my phone still work if there is a power blackout?

    A: No. Unless the home occupant has a backup battery the phone will not work in the event of a power blackout.

    Will my phone work during the installation?

    A: Your phone will need to be disconnected during the installation (See point 20) and will require a reconnection once the installation is completed. Please ensure you contact your landline provider to arrange this disconnection and your new Redtrain approved RSP for the reconnection. Redtrain will provide you with notice 1-2 weeks ahead of the installation to make this as easy as possible.

    Why do I need to disconnect my phone line before the installation?

    A: It is a Redtrain requirement that all landlines (copper wired) are disconnected before the broadband installation is commenced. Redtrain will provide you with warning to ensure the minimum downtime on your landline. The disconnection can occur 24-48 hours before the broadband installation and can be reconnected from as little as 24 hours after it is completed.

    Can I keep my existing PSTN number?

    A: Yes. But you will need to alter your existing carrier regarding the upgrade.

    What do I do while my phone is disconnected?

    A: If you have a mobile phone you can divert your phone from the landline for the duration. Alternatively you can source a temporary phone from your retail Service Provider.

    Can I still use Telstra (or current carrier) for my landline?

    No. You will need to enter into a new agreement with your Retail Service Provider when you negotiate your new internet connection. All Redtrain RSPs provide bundled internet and telephone plans.


    Who are Redtrain's Retail Service Providers (RSP)??

    A: Current service provider:

    We anticipate there will be more RSPs coming on board. Please visit for updates.

    Can I have a choice of my retail service providers who are not in the list?

    A: All RSPs need to have an agreement with Redtrain Network. See the options on the Redtrain website.

    What if I already have a contract with another service provider who is not with Redtrain?

    A: If you have an agreement with an ISP who is not approved by Redtrain then you will have to consult them regarding any costs that may be associated with ending the contract.

    What are the speeds available for the internet connection?

    A: Speeds available are as follows:

  • 12Mbps/1Mbps
  • 25Mbps/5Mbps
  • 25Mbps/10Mbps
  • 50Mbps/20Mbps
  • 100Mbps/40Mbps
  • For business grade:

  • 25Mbps/25Mbps
  • 50Mbps/50Mbps
  • 100Mbps/100Mbps
  • 250Mbps/250Mbps
  • 500Mbps/500Mbps
  • 1000Mbps/1000Mbps

    What is the purpose of the authorisation form?

    A: The authorisation form is a form signed by the home owner to authorise Redtrain Network to connect the fibre optic using the owner's existing lead in conduit near the property boundary.

    Who needs to sign the authorisation form?

    A: Landlord and tenant (if rented) or home owner if the house is owner occupied.

    I am a landlord how does this affect my tenancy agreement?

    A: As a landlord you are generally responsible to pay the connection costs however it is up to you if you choose to provide a connection for your tenant.

    I am renting, what is the process for a tenant to get connection?

    A: Generally it is the landlord's responsibility to pay for the connection costs and the tenant is responsible for the costs of internet and telephone contracts provided by the RSP. Contact your landlord or real estate for clarification on this.

    Does it require any hardware inside or outside of my home?

    A: Yes. It will require an Optical Network Unit (ONU) inside the house. This will be provided as part of the $699 installation fee.

    Do you require access to my house when the installation is occurring?

    A: Yes. Redtrain Network will require access to your home to install. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time around one month before installation The installation will require drilling through the wall of your house to install:

  • Wall plate
  • Provide ONU and patch cord
  • Testing before the work is deemed completed.
  • How long will the installation take?

    A: Redtrain will be on your property for approximately four hours.

    What is Council's involvement with this offer?

    A: Council has no involvement with this offer other than providing its conduit to Redtrain through a commercial arrangement. All contact regarding Redtrain's service need to be challenged via email to Redtrain.

    Who do I contact if I am having trouble with my connection?

    A: Your RSP

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