Residents in the Waterford Rise estate in Warragul have welcomed lightning-fast internet speeds some 10 years ahead of their neighbours as part of Australia’s high-speed internet rollout.

The Baw Baw Shire mayor Cr Murray Cook activated the new fibre-optic connection last week by a click of a button.

The estate has skipped the National Broadband Network rollout queue with installation by a private operation Redtrain Network, at no cost to the developer.

When planning the estate, the developers chose to have the fibre-optic connection installed by Redtrain, which offers lightening fast speeds to residents years before the NBN rollout.

“Importantly, Redtrain has “future-proofed” the connection so that no more civil work will be required because the network is designed to cater for up to a gigabit connection to each individual house premises,” says David Setiady director of Redtrain Network

“This means that that the connection is there to cater for any commercial enterprises or health or educational institutions in the Warragul region where Redtrain deploys its network, that may need access to such high levels of bandwidth in the future,” says Setiady.

“Importantly, it will also have significant benefits for Waterford Rise residents who work in Melbourne’s CBD, with the high speeds allowing them to work from home, or ‘tele-commute,’ a number of days a week,” says Glenn Sanford general manager of Baw Baw developments..

The estate will house around 3,000 people when it is completed.

“Waterford Rise residents welcome lightening fast internet speeds ahead of NBN rollout”