All new developments would be required to have a fibre optic communication installed.

Any provider is free to comply with such a request but under new legislation passed in March 2011, the infrastructure deployed must be implemented using an “open access, wholesale only” business model*.
At this point in time developers have two options:

  • A high speed network agreement with RedTrain is no cost to the developer and installation when the infrastructure is in place and homes are commenced.
  • Enter into an agreement with NBNco to deliver a basic fibre to the home solution which delivers telephone and high speed internet services. This is also free but can take many years longer for installation to occur.
The Vertigan cost benefit analysis found deploying NBN FTTH typically cost $2200 per lot. It also only provides a telephony and high speed internet network.

The National Broadband Network does not reticulate PayTV or Free to Air and currently does not offer any business class services.

The RedTrain network offers a full suite of digital services for Business/Industrial, Greenfields, Medium Density Units and Highrise, Lifestyle and Retirement and Commercial uses.

*The full government policy is available at Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy.