How to connect

Connecting to the RedTrain network involves connecting a fiber optic cable from the street to your property.

Steps in connecting the fibre are provided below:
1. Builders have to comply with CNTCORP builder general checklist and complete all mandatory fields in the fibre installation form.
2. Ensure all builders performing work on the premises complete in the TCA-1 form required by ACMA.
3. Once the fibre installation is completed, customers can contact a certified RedTrain Retail Service Providers (below).

RedTrain has various plans for corporations (17+ staff and revenue of $2million +) tailored your required speeds.

The plans take into account redundancies and cloud solutions. For further information on pricing and availability please call 1300 787 178 during business hours (9am-5.30pm)

SFOA for Offnet – Full

SFOA for Offnet – Short form